Mike and Hali Sowle Photography

Hali started taking pictures with the family camera when she was a small child, beginning a love of photography that never faded. In her college and dental school years she took pictures of friends and events using analog cameras, but took a long hiatus from photography as she began her dental practice. After marrying the wonderful Mike Sowle they started traveling, hiking, and rock climbing. Along with Mike she started taking photographs again -- although instead of people her new interests gravitated towards nature and wildlife. Together Hali and Mike have traveled extensively within the US and overseas. No matter where they go, their vacations always include their cameras. Hali is a Getty Images photographer, she has been featured in the Italian photography magazine Bianco Nero, and has been in several juried shows. Along with selling her photos to international publications she also contributes her photographs for many charity events here in Rhode Island.

Mike has always enjoyed photography but didn't really embrace it until his first digital SLR in 2005. Since then he has continued to develop his photographic and post processing skills. He enjoys wildlife and travel photography with his beautiful and talented wife.